Daddy was a trucker,


Momma was an artist, and I'm a scribbler. The stories just spilled out—the pony escaped, the window magically shattered. Not my fault.

Twenty years as a journalist couldn't stifle the yarns. Yacht delivery up and down the Caribbean only increased the flow. Now those tales celebrate romance on the high seas.

I am a professional captain living in the Rocky Mountains, just about 15 minutes from the Continental Divide. I spent the last 12 summers teaching sailing on awesome Lake Dillon at 9,017 feet in Summit County, Colorado. I also captained tours for my business, Sails in the Sunset.

And below is my baby girl – Into Thin Air -- a classic 25-foot Cape Dory. Now she has a new family in Provo, Utah, at Bonneville Sailing School.

As for me, I have a new venture – Muirgen Publishing, LLC. Muirgen is a first century Irish Catholic saint … and a mermaid! Read more about her here.


 In my seven-year quest to be published, I’ve learned a lot of things, my writing projects have won a number of awards, and I’ve met a lot of great fellow writers. The most important thing I’ve discovered? It’s time to let my stories go.

And there are lots of them – in all different genres and time periods. But each one has a connection to the sea.

 Soooo, over the next five years I’ll be releasing three to four works each year. Keep checking back for new titles, or sign up for my newsletter. I promise only one for each new release. But each edition will be full of special insights, excerpts, chances to appear as a character in one of my stories, and answers to questions I hear all the time from hopeful, aspiring writers. And did I say advance notice on special deals and prizes?


Photo credit: Lake Dillon, CO, Phil Huff