Percolating Now

Dear Reader,

I’m currently working on a series of five Steampunk novellas tentatively titled “Creations of Time.” They are set in 1879 Scotland and England.

The many-greats granddaughter of Scathatch, the Norse warrior goddess, and a mysterious blacksmith join forces to save the Victorians. Centuries before, her grandmother ushered Viking berserkers to an island off Scotland.

Now, centuries later, the fearsome warriors have escaped and are wreaking havoc in polite society.

Queen Victoria and her minions at Whitehall are not amused.

SYV became the warrior by being the seventh daughter born in her generation and is frankly tired of the responsibility. She’d prefer to continue to serve as headmistress of her girls’ school in London … and rescue prostitutes off the streets of Whitechapel.

The blacksmith, CONNALL, is the reluctant descendant of a family of druids and fae who have helped her family control berserkers down through the ages. He is the keeper of her great sword but would rather work on his inventions. Like the iron dragon he pilots rom the depths of the oceans to the skies over Britain.

A craven inventor determined to clone the berserkers as the ultimate weapon in his industrial military supplies arsenal finally pulls the two reluctant players into the game.