Battered, Bruised, but Better (I hope)

View from Margie's neighborhood in Coal Creek Canyon

View from Margie's neighborhood in Coal Creek Canyon

Was so tired after three solid days, an evening and a morning in the steel hands of writing coach Margie Lawson, I am just now returning to the blog.

Learned so much, I'm going to sit down tonight and organize a plan of attack. If you're an unpubbed author, there are no rules, there are no guidelines, there are no easy paths.

I've promised myself this is the year I take care of craft. I'm going to polish all my orphan novels within an inch of their lives. Creativity and editing are the only areas of publishing over which I have any control, and I'm going to take the challenge, I'm going to own the results.

The sheer volume of words is stupefying. How does one get one's arms around so much prose? One word, one work at a time.

And then, oh yeah, don't forget the ongoing creative bingeing on new stuff.

"Cowboy Sunday" - two chapters done - writing's dark side (the synopsis) to go  - contest entry due June 1.

"Creations of Time" Steampunk novel—three chapters done, seventeen to go.

Gotta go—all those hours in the day without anything yet pigeonholed in them—they're calling me.

And, just in case anyone is wondering...yep—it's still snowing in Colorado. Maybe we'll get some sun before the summer solstice.